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Files for Legacy Models

Files located on this page are for obsolete versions of Inquisitor models that attach to the computer via the old parallel port.  These files are compatible with Windows operating systems up through Windows XP.  Please note that even though your computer may be using one of these versions of the Windows operating system, the legacy Inquisitor may still not work.  For best results, use an older computer with Pentium 2, or Pentium 3 class microprocessor and compatible chip sets.


Software Version InqV10.0 Legacy parallel port models
This software is for all legacy models of the Inquisitor that connect to the computer via the old parallel port .Computers must be using Windows operating systems Windows XP or older. Support for these older models is discontinued.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [5.3 MB]
Instructions for Legacy InqV10.1 above
Instructions for older legacy models of the Inquisitor connecting to the computer via the parallel port.
Legacy Instructions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [253.4 KB]
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