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Free firmware update for Inquisitor wireless users (Model 712 and 1012) at the KAAC Meeting September 22 in Louisville KY.  As more and more wireless systems are appearing at tournaments, coaches have asked for a method to permanately shift the frequecy of their systems to avoid interference between rooms.  If you are planning to attend the KAAC meeting and would like this free update, please bring you wireless system to the Educational Technologies booth in the Exhibitor Area.  If you don't plan to attend the KAAC meting and would still like this update please email me.  The update is still free but you'll need to pay shipping costs.  (Frequency shift is the best method to avoid "cross talk" between rooms where multiple Inquisitor sy are in use in close proximity.  The abillity to "temporarily" shift frequency  is available to all wireless systems.  Update just makes it possible to permanately shift to a new frequency.) 



    Meet the Inquisitor "Traveler"

The newest version of the Inquisitorl is a small, battery operated,RF wireless unit that can also be connected to a PC. See Blog Hollow for details.

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