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Inquisitor systems and accessories

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Inquisitor systems run on any PC using the Windows  operating systems  Windows XP through Windows 10. The PC provides an attractive, on team display of team names, player names, scores, and timers.  A simple intuitive interface allows the computer operator to control the competition with the click of the mouse.  Software includes several playing options scored either  as teams or as individuals.  The basic systems accommodate up to 8 or 10 competitors, playing either as individuals or in teams of 4 of 5 players each. Additional teams of 4/5 players (up to 8 teams for a total of 40 players) can be added as an option.  Your set contains everything you'll need for your quick recall competition except your computer.  Every system comes packed in a small, convenient aluminum carrying case and includes one extra switch.  Software is provided on CD ROM.

Choose either wired, RF wireless, or the new hybird "wiredless less" system.  All systems include everything you need for your quick recall competition and come packed in a handy aluminum carrying case.  

Software Features:

Inquisitor software  comes with an unlimited license so that you can install the software on as many computers as you wish.  Software updates are provided free on this website.  Setup options allow the software to be configured to meet competition requirements for virtually anty competion (NAQT, Illinois Quiz Bol, Kentucky Governor's Cup, etc.).  Saved options will automatically be loaded the next time the program starts so there's no need reconfigure.  You can save as many different setup files as you like. 



  • Simple easy-to-use interface
    • Single Main Menu screen sets all program options
    • intuitive mouse control  no keystrokes to memorize
    • optional on screen prompts and mouse-over function displays
  • 3 different Score Boards displaying
    • timers
      • match timer
      • toss-up
      • bonus
      • computational toss up and bonus
      • time out
    • team and participant names
      • user selectable colors
      • sound effects and computer speech
    • computer displayed/read questions from multiple sources
      • Triple Q Questions (CDs availble on accessories page)
      • user generated text files
      • multimedia Power Point (requires MS Power Point)
    • team scores 
    • match statistics
      • participant playing time
      • team and participant toss-up percentages
      • team bonus percetage
      • team and participant toss-up response time


All Inquisitor  team modules , transmitters, receivers, and USB modules are guarenteed for 5 years.  Switches and cables have a two year warrenty.

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