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Educational Technologies is committed to assisting with all your Quick Recall needs including service and technical support. Software updates and instructions are available for download below. Electronic repair of any Inquisitor module currently in production will be provided at no charge regardless of age. Legacy equipment (models no longer in production) will also be repaired free of charge as long as parts are available.  (Switches and cables are excluded but will be repaired or replaced free of charge during the warranty period.)  Please use the contact form below before returning equipment for service.


Free Switch Repair AT KAAC CONFERENCE 

A great deal of time and effort was spent developing a rugged, easily replaceable, cost effective hand switch for the wired Inquisitor systems.  While this goal is mostly meet, the small plastic retainer on the RJ11 phone connector is the design’s Achilles heel .  The good news is that this connector is easily replaceable.  Phone connector repair kits are readily available at hardware and home supply stores and replacing the phone plug takes only a few seconds.  Even better news if you’re attending the KAAC Conference in Louisville, KY September 20th is that I’ll be set up in the exhibitor area replacing connectors for free.  So don’t struggle taping in broken connectors.  Replace them and remember. we’ll take care of any electronic repair if it should become necessary, free of charge, regardless of the age of the system.

Bill Luyster

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