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About Us: Your Inquisitor Team


Ed Tech is a small, agile, software and hardware shop where everything is done in-house by educational “lifers” who know and understand first hand the needs students, teachers, and administators.  In a market where technology, far too often, is seen as a solution in search of a problem Edech is commited to applying technology in response to actual needs as expressed by those on the inside.


Our speciality is making very small computers (embedded microprocessors) communicate with larger computers (PCs and the NET).  Our goal modest:  Make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.  Ed Tech will be happy to provide hardware/software solutions, customized to meet your specific aspplication.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements


 We take personal pride in and stand solidly behind all of our products with cutomer service and technical support.  Software updates are provided free of charge via the website.   


 Educational Technologies has been building computer interfaced quick recall systems since personal computers were new. (Our first version appeared on the Commodre 64.)  Well- known in Kentucky– a state that it takes its academic competitions very seriously - we’ve been providing the equipment used for the Kentucky Governor’s Cup Finals and Derby Festival Quick Recall Tournament for many years.  Please contact us if you are considering sponsoring a major quick recall event requiring equipment.


Frustrated with your school's IT policy?  Need a free used  llaptop ? Limited Quantity!


Click the link "FOR INQUISITOR USERS ONLY" located above.




    Meet the Inquisitor "Traveler"

The newest version of the Inquisitorl is a small, battery operated,RF wireless unit that can also be connected to a PC. See Blog Hollow for details.

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