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Special Offers for Inquisitor Users Only


A limited of used 14" HP laptopds are are available free (pay only for the shipping) with the purchase of any new !nquisitor Quick Recall System.  These older laptops, just retired  the KAAC Kentucky Governor's Cup Finals, are graet for use with your Inquisitor Quick Recall System.  There is compromise of integrrity in using these computers for you competition - just graphics won't be as good or snappy as with a new machine.


Laptops come with a power supply and USB mouse and use either Windows 7 or the Vista operating system.  The latest version of the Inquisitor operating system pre-installed.   A shipping chage of $14.25 will apply.


Please email  prior to ordering an Inquisitor to reserve a laptop.

New version of the Inquisitor NET software comming soon!! 


Some of the new features will include:

  • Large selection of Scince Bowl practice questions that can be downloaded from the web and displayed by your Inquisitor  "computer moderator".  
  • Expanded playing modes for classroom use.
  • Easier matching of RF wireless transmitters to player's names.
  • Improved user interface for assigning sounds.

Frustrated with your school's IT policy?  Need a free used  llaptop ? Limited Quantity!


Click the link "FOR INQUISITOR USERS ONLY" located above.




    Meet the Inquisitor "Traveler"

The newest version of the Inquisitorl is a small, battery operated,RF wireless unit that can also be connected to a PC. See Blog Hollow for details.

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