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Special Offers for Inquisitor Users Only

Not yet using Inquisitor NET?


Take advantage of our upgrade offer and get the new NET software and a set of practice questions at either the elemantary, jv, or varsity level for only $50.  Upgrade Now!.  Software upgrade below will be provde free to IInq Net users.

New version of the Inquisitor NET software comming soon!! 


Some of the new features will include:

  • Large selection of Scince Bowl practice questions that can be downloaded from the web and displayed by your Inquisitor  "computer moderator".  
  • Expanded playing modes for classroom use.
  • Easier matching of RF wireless transmitters to player's names.
  • Improved user interface for assigning sounds.

New the  for 2019/2020 Season Introducing the new Model 312 with 3 teams of 4 players - acost efficient way to keep more students engaged during practice

New software with expanded features for computer moderated practice questions

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