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Educational Technologies is committed to assisting with all your Quick Recall needs including service and technical support. Software updates and instructions are available for download below. Electronic repair of any Inquisitor module currently in production will be provided at no charge regardless of age. Legacy equipment (models no longer in production) will also be repaired free of charge as long as parts are available.  (Switches and cables are excluded but will be repaired or replaced free of charge during the warranty period.)  Please use the form below before returning equipment for service.

New INQNET  V2.12 available for download

The new InqNET software Version 2.12  is now available for free download. Click the DOWNLOAD FILES at the left on this page.  The new NET version of the software is a significant upgrade  from the InqUSB version of the software .  Software works with all  current model of the Inquisitor and  provides many new features including a "computer moderator" option with built-in practice questions.  There's no need to uninstall older InqUSB versions if not sure you want to update.  Net version installs in a separate folder.  (InqNET users of earlier versions are required to remove existing NET versions of the software).


Static electricity can wreck havoc with microprocessors and this is prime static season so don't let static electricity  interfer with you event.  Cheap insursance in the form of a can of anti-spray.  Before your event spray the tables , chairs (plastic chair seats sem to particularly good sources fo static), floor/carpet around your computer and contestant areas.   reccommend a product called Staic Guard, availble for a couple of dollars at that ubiquitous  big box store that will remain unnamed.  Ever I since I was present when out state robotics event was brought to a screeching halt by static, I've kept a couple cans on hand.  

New InqNET V2.12 version of the Inquisitor software is available for free download. Click the TECH SUPPORT tab for details and access.

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