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Educational Technologies is committed to assisting with all your Quick Recall needs including service and technical support. Software updates and instructions are available for download below. Electronic repair of any Inquisitor module currently in production will be provided at no charge regardless of age. Legacy equipment (models no longer in production) will also be repaired free of charge as long as parts are available.  (Switches and cables are excluded but will be repaired or replaced free of charge during the warranty period.)  Please use the form below before returning equipment for service.



Tis' the season for static ellectricity and static discharge is the suspected culprit for some intermittent problems reported by a few Model 1012 users.  While static discharge can effect any computer system, the  few trouble reports may indicate the wireless hybird Model 1012 is more susceptable than other Inquisitor models. If you've experienced any problems with any (wired or wireless) Inquisitor Team modles that suddenly stop woring during practice or a match, please report them and the conditions under which the interruptions occured using the HELP REQUEST link at the left of this page.

IHere are a few steps you can take:

Before the match:

  • If possible sprat the immediate area with an anti staic spray.  Commercial products are available at locations like Wallmart and there's a recipe for a DIY version below.
  • Avoid setting up in carpeted areas but vinyl floors can be trouble as well.
  • Avoid using plastic chairs 

If a problem occurs:

  • ​Save scores and team setup information in a setup file if Inquisitor programs is still functioning
  • For wired Inquisitors disconnect end reconnect the USB cable to the team module.
  • For wireless models remove and re-install the batteries.
  • Try to have students discharge any static electricity by touch metal objects like table legs  or grounded electrical devices before handling transmitters,interfaces, cables or Inquisitor switches

Recipe for home made anti static spray
     1 TBLS Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol)
     1 TBLS Fabric Softener
     8 oz. Water
     1 Spray Bottle

The fabric softener is used to make everything mildly conductive (the same way it makes your clothes not stick together). the Isopropyl alcohol is used to make the fluid evaporate quickly.


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