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There’s a lot going on with the Inquisitor these days:  New website, new products, and new software.



 You are looking at the new Inquisitor website.  Along with the new look we'll also be providing more than just a space to download software updates and see product information but also a site where you can get free practice questions fom Triple Q Questions that display directly from the new Inquisitor Net software.  You can also write and display your own questions in a plain text format or experiment with multimedia questions using MS Power Point.  If you do write your own questions, I hope you'll consider sharing  them with others  and forming a community of folks interested in encouraging and promoting academic competition.   This website an provide the platform form but I'll need your help to form a community.  I’ve met so many excellent and dedicated academic coaches and I know the knowledge and experience is out there.  I hope, you will share your expertise and your passion in this endeavor.  Please consider posting a guest blog entry to “Blog Hollow” and sharing your ideas by posting comments and suggestions there as well.



A new NET version of the Inquisitor software is now available.  This major new software upgrade maintains the look and feel of our familiar Inquisitor user interface while adding lots of new features with many more to come.  Among the new features, the software can display and read questions, effectively allowing the computer to operate as moderator.  Great for practice and taking some of the load off the coach!  New software now keeps track of player and team statistics including individual playing time, average toss- response time for individuals and teams, attempts and percentage of correct responses, and more.  See special upgrade offer.



No more tripping over wires!  In response to coaches number one most common complaint about wired buzzer systems, there is now a hybrid wired/wireless Inquisitor that eliminates wires between running between team modules and back to the computer.  See details Inquisitor Less-Wired.



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