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Special Offers for Inquisitor Users Only

Not yet using Inquisitor NET?


Take advantage of our upgrade offer and get the new NET software and a set of practice questions at either the elemantary, jv, or varsity level for only $50.  Upgrade Now!.  Software upgrade below will be provde free to IInq Net users.

New version of the Inquisitor NET software comming soon!! 


Some of the new features will include:

  • Large selection of Scince Bowl practice questions that can be downloaded from the web and displayed by your Inquisitor  "computer moderator".  
  • Expanded playing modes for classroom use.
  • Easier matching of RF wireless transmitters to player's names.
  • Improved user interface for assigning sounds.

KAAC Conference Atendees  Visit us in the exhibitor area at the KAAC Conference in Louisville.  Bring any player switches with broken phone plugs for free repair while you attend your sessions.




New the  for 2019/2020 Season Introducing the new Model 312 with 3 teams of 4 players - acost efficient way to keep more students engaged during practice

New software with expanded features for computer moderated practice questions

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