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What is Quick Recall?


Quick Recall is a fast paced academic competition in the style of "Jeopardy" or the old "College Bowl" television programs.  It features two or more teams of students competing to be first to answer questions from a broad range of subjects.


What is the Inquisitor?


Under the Inquisitor brand, Educational Technologies produces versatile, easy-to-use hardware and software to provide "lock-out", scoring, timing, and display options to give these competitions a professional  look and feel.  Inquisitor systems can also be used for many other uses including corporate training, classroom response, auction bidding, and confidential electronic voting.

New Inquisitor "Less-Wired" !


Check out the new Less-Wired hybrid RF system.  No more wires to trip over!  RF link connects the team modules to the computer without the wires.  

Special Upgrade Offer


InqNET 2.0 upgrade     $75

All ready using the new InqNET 2.0 software?  A free update is available for existing users.  Use the email formunder the Contact atb to request this free update.




Static electricity is the suspected culprit for some intermittent problems reported by a few Model 1012 users.  See Tech Support page for details and suggestions.

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